We work together with partner companies in order to support you with a holistic package of support, training and coaching. Do you need some adaptations of our tools that fit perfect to your company´s needs or do your employees want some further introduction? Together with our partners you will receive the best solutions.


We are working for more than 14 years in the requirement management and engineering field and have profound experiences in areas like automotive, defense, aerospace and vehicle electronics. We offer a broad variety of different tools and interfaces. We are specialized in tools for versioning administration, project management and requirements management. Our focus is a target oriented and pragmatic usage of tools always considering the needs of you as a customer.

As a partner of United Planet we support you with the product Intrexx regarding the planning and integration of Social Business Portals. The automation of workflows and the integrateion of data in your systems increase the collaboration of your employees, time will be saved and the efficiency of your company rises. 

Key skills of Intermiranda IT Services:
In joint projects with ReqTeam Intermiranda is responsible for the conceptual part and takes the role of the project management. We establish detailed concepts around requirements engineering and management. In collaboration with our partner ReqTeam we are able to realize these concepts. Starting with an expert advice up to the technical implementation to the point of professional trainings for your employees.

Innovative Baseline was founded with the purpose to support our customers in the area of tool-based requirements management and exchange of data between suppliers.

Our team is composed of highly motivated communicative employees who seek and implement best solutions for you as a customer. The team has key expertise in tools such as IBM® Rational® DOORS®, PTC Integrity® (former MKS). Our staff is qualified in various programming languages such as Java, Perl and VBA, as well as the dealing with the IBM® Rational® DOORS® specific DXL.

Key skills of Innovative Baseline:

  • Doors database management          

  • DXL programming                              

  • Java application development          

  • Data exchange                                    

Evocean is specialized in agile continuous improvement and change projects in IT and R&D. As a strategic partner of various innovative tool-manufacturers, the company offers a full range of integrated solutions in the areas of Requirements mManagement, Model Driven Development, Configuration Management and Product Line Engineering.

Based on years of experience Evocean supports customers with coaching, training and tools.

  • Web portal development

  • (Part-)Integration Mantis to Doors

  • OSLC product integration

  • Intrexx Experts

Technical Partner


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