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ReqEdit price list

Prices (net) / 12 months term 
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REQTEAM offers affordable and cheap pricing for all ReqEdit editions and includes online product support with regular updates on a subscription basis

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Collaborative Work.

includes all ReqEdit Premium features

+ Add-on Word ReqIF

+ Add-on Excel ReqIF

+ Addon Merge/Compare

+ Add-on analysis of weak words 

+ Requirements Management Templates 

           Single User License   EUR 1,497.00  

  network license   EUR 1,997.00  


If you buy at least 5 network licenses you get the ReqEdit Server for free! 


supply chain

Expert exchange in the B2B area.

The supply chain package enables the exchange of requirement documents along your supply chain. If you also make ReqEdit available to your direct suppliers, you will optimally support the strategic exchange of documents and collaboration.  


+ Add-on Word ReqIF

+ Add-on Excel ReqIF

+ Add -On Merge/Compare

+ Add-on analysis of weak words  



Price from EUR 15,000.00 



Read-only edition.

ReqEdit Reader is a read-only edition of ReqEdit and allows users to quickly and easily view ReqIF files with preservation of document structure, formatting and all embedded files (Word, Excel, PDF, jpg).  

Single seat license     EUR  97,00



Creating documents.

In addition to offline editing of ReqIF files, ReqEdit Premium offers the option of creating your own specifications, creating attributes and linking objects. 

Single User License   EUR 697.00  

  network license   EUR 997,00  


Batch mode

Automate tasks and triggers.

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ReqEdit Batch Mode is a special version of ReqEdit that allows you to control the tool via command line calls. Triggers can be defined for repetitive tasks such as conversion.

EUR 4,950.00

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Try ReqEdit for free

Log in to our ReqEdit server and download the package

ReqEdit Ultimate free for 7 days



Comparison of ReqEdit Editions

ReqEdit supports multiple use cases, grouped in editions. ReqEdit Reader, ReqEdit Premium, ReqEdit Ultimate, Reqedit Supply-Chain (internal and supplier) and ReqEdit Batch Mode will fit your needs.

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Add ons

Contains: Word importer, Excel importer

Each importer has several options,

to convert files into structured document format.​

Merge / Compare
add on

Contains: Compare Tool, Merge Tool

The add-on presents differences in a visual text format that is easy to understand and use.


Analysis for weak words
add on

Contains: two language dictionaries (DE and EN)


Weak words such as “always”, “some”, “should”, “actually” etc. are analyzed with the aim of replacing them in order to write clear and testable requirements.


add on

Contains: 4 ready-to-use professional requirements templates.

These templates support you in structuring your documents and building them up logically.​​

Document source code editor add-on

Experienced users can look into ReqEdit documents with a special XML editor 

to fix inconsistencies. ReqEdit uses the industry standard ReqIF format.


ReqEdit offers all the features for efficient work


white labeling

ReqEdit Supplier Edition can be customized with your branding elements: logo background, footnotes and license texts


Network License Tool


The License Detach Add-On allows you to temporarily remove a license from a pool of network seat licenses and attach it to a remote recipient computer.



Automated conversion from eg WORD or Excel to ReqIF, RIF1.1.a is possible


Supply chain ready

Use ReqEdit Ultimate in your company without restrictions and implement interfaces for the exchange of requirement documents with the ReqEdit Supplier Edition.


ReqEdit Supplier only allows certain information to be filled out.

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ReqEdit Server
Work smart
with versioned backups

Use ReqEdit as desktop client for ReqEdit File Server, enable centralized collaborative work in the cloud.

Customizable user permissions over multiple projects

Central Perforce versioning core keeps track of changes

Collaborative work on multiple projects

Central check-in and check-out of documents

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