ReqEdit Server

The focus of our ReqEdit Server is to reduce your management efforts regarding data exchange or document management for your projects. The Server offers you a central place to organize your requirements data and is also able to communicate with the connected ReqEdit Clients. A transparent, well documented and easy to handle API is an essential part of our ReqEdit Server. So the integration in your enterprise IT architecture will be quick and simple. The adaption to your firewall can also be done without spending any effort because the complete ReqEdit Server system is based on web technology and only ports are used that are already open for the web.

Features ReqEdit Server


  • Validation file (ReqIF) on upload

  •  JSON API to provide server functions like Project management, file handling or user management and authentication

  • Organize files in projects with different access rights of users

  • Upload new files

  • Create subfolders inside projects

  • Versioning files with Perforce or Subversion (Subversion is only supported on Linux)

  • Login/Logout to server

  • Local user management on own datastore

  • Manage own account

  • Manage account and access of all project users as project manager

  • Manage account and access of all users as admin

  • Mail notification on check out request

  • Multilanguage support

  • Customizable skins

  • Communication with ReqEdit Client

  • Preview function for ReqIF files

Prerequisite ReqEdit Server

  •   Webserver

  •   PHP 5.x support (at least 5.5)

  •   Sqllite extension enabled (or the extension for the desired database)

  •   Perforce/Subversion extension enabled (if versioning is requested)

  •   500MB space for installation



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