ReqIF is the abbreviation for Requirements Interchange Format. The format is defined by an XML schema. ReqIF is a standardized format that has been developed to exchange requirements without loss or overhead between a wide variety of requirements engineering tools.

ReqIF - A Necessity 



Requirements management is an essential part in the development of complex systems. It is used in industries such as automotive, military, aviation or medical technology. Manufacturers and suppliers strive for collaboration so that requirements management extends beyond their own company.

Various tools

For technical and organizational reasons, two companies that collaborate in one project rarely work on the same requirements repository. Often, they do not even work with the same requirements management tools.

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A generic format (ReqIF) has to be created

A generic, non-proprietary requirement information format was therefore needed to bridge the gap and meet the industry's urgent needs. The exchange of request information between different companies, without loss or considerable effort was urgently needed.

ReqIF closes the gap

With the help of a special exchange format (ReqIF) for requirement specifications, it is now possible to close the gap. ReqIF offers the following advantages:


  • Partner companies and vendors do not need to use the same requirements tool so that requirement information can be exchanged within a project, even if different tools are used to write requirements.


The Requirements Interchange Format (ReqIF) defines such an open, non-proprietary format exchange format. Request information is exchanged by transmitting XML documents that conform to the ReqIF.

The following figure shows an example of exchanging customer requirements in ReqIF between two partners:

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TEST THE ReqIf standard with Reqedit