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The structured document editor

Power of document editor layouts with the 
clear data model of spreadsheets and more

Hierarchical navigation of headlines and paragraphs

Reusable views to limit displayed informations

Integrate attachments, images, tables, and links to make your document professional, easy to understand and traceable


What is ReqEdit?

ReqEdit is a powerful document editor that combines the features of document editors and the data organization of spreadsheet data
with additional features from requirements management domain


Works like any other excel-like application. With many more productivity features like: weak words analysis, compare/merge or custom data models. Import documents from Word or Excel or print to a PDF.

Suppliers and vendors

Supply bottlenecks or design changes affect the purchase of materials and product modules. These problems must be detected in time and dependencies identified. ReqEdit makes this possible by links between document items

Attachments and formatting

Objects (Microsoft OLE) and images can be easily integrated into the document and referenced.

Texts can be formatted and you can also insert tables into cell values.

Enterprise supply chains

Collaborating with multiple suppliers is standard in many companies as complexity increases.
Use ReqEdit in your supply chain workflows as well
to minimize data loss and risk factors.

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Free Demo

Ready to try ReqEdit?



Log in to our ReqEdit Server and download the package



ReqEdit can be installed into a directory


Run ReqEdit

Execute via the desktop icon or the file ReqEdit.exe


Use ReqEdit Server

Documents edited in ReqEdit can be stored in the cloud for collaborative work

ReqEdit Ultimate

free for 7 days

154 downloads in 352 days

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ReqEdit is all you need to make your work
more reliable

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Import from Word/Excel

Documents from Word and Excel can be easily imported and then further edited in a structured way with ReqEdit.


Links between items

References to objects (requirements, images, documents, links) allow dependencies to be pointed out so that they can be identified and traceability is achieved.


Production ready

Everything just works "Out Of The Box", without the need to configure anything or install additional applications. Although it has many configuration options, default settings are fine tuned already

ReqEdit Features
Explore the tool

Online Dokumentation for ReqEdit


Power of office word document editors with the clear data model of excel spreadsheet data and more

Documentation & Supprt

REQ TEAM support service

Our support team will help to give fast and competent help or look in our extensive knowledge database for suitable solutions to problems.

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