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ReqEdit Release 2.22

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest version ReqEdit 2.22, packed with a number of innovative features that will improve your editing experience. Here's what's in store for you:


Seamlessly automate tasks with the simplicity of JavaScript userscripts

Enjoy the benefits of automation with the simplicity of JavaScript user scripting, making repetitive tasks a thing of the past.

Easily import attributes from other ReqIF files

Say goodbye to manually importing attributes. With our new feature, you can easily import attributes from other ReqIF files with just a few clicks.

Export encrypted ReqIF files for greater security

Protect your data with encrypted ReqIF files, which you can now easily export with our new feature.

Quickly edit fields with just one click

Edit fields with ease. You can now quickly make changes to your document with just one click.

Automatically clean all temporary files older than 6 months

Keep your workspace tidy and efficient by automatically deleting temporary files older than six months.

Exclusive feature to display a custom info panel when opening a file

Personalize your editing experience with a custom info panel that appears when you open a file.

Delete specification document by right-clicking on the Document tab

Take advantage of the ability to delete specification documents directly from the Document tab to streamline document management.

Main column can now display string attributes

Improve the readability of your document with the main column, which can now also display string attributes.

Various fixes and speed improvements

We've also made various bug fixes and speed improvements to ensure smoother editing.

Upgrade to the latest version of ReqEdit today. With these new features, we're making editing easier, faster and safer than ever before. Don't miss the opportunity to streamline your workflows and improve your editing experience with ReqEdit.

Please note: If you encounter any problems or have suggestions for future improvements, please feel free to contact our support team.


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