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ReqEdit 2.15

New features:

  • Multiple object types, such as Heading, Requirement, TestCase, Image and many more, all of which have their own specific attributes, are globally supported and presented in the form of multi-item specifications

  • An integration check has been implemented in the ReqIF validation. The integration check goes beyond pure schema validation (checking the XML structure). It examines whether the references (via IDS) in the document can be resolved and display the correct objects. Furthermore, it is checked whether all attributes (for example Enum Values) are set, which are necessary for certain use cases.

  • Extension of the filter functions: Filtering of empty and not empty elements

  • Extending the deletion functions: deleting individual elements (purge) that have been deleted by soft delete

  • Add keyboard shortcuts to easy create links

  • Possibility to define network server address over a global Windows variable


  • Redesigned export/import (more generic functions, improved log messages, extended validation)

  • The main column field can now be selected also as string (not only XHTML)

  • License handling and license window (more robust display for all types of licenses)

  • ReqIF export added empty tags to ensure compatibility to IBM DOORS classic


  • Document tab displays the document name after changing it in the settings

  • In the document settings, there is a document tab to refresh attributes of the specification and the values

  • After the export/import a short summary for the user will be displayed with error messages or missing objects

  • At the end of the export/import on the "complete page" the summary displayed wrong information

  • Added some new/rephrase error messages to XML editor

  • License manager throws unhandled exceptions; fix by more robust implementation


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