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ReqEdit 2.17

Includes more licensing models, mass update of objects, weak word analysis add-on and much more.

Our ReqEdit Ultimate edition complete package now includes:

- weak word analysis add-on

- compare and merge add-on

- Excel importer add-on

- license detach add-on for enterprises

- Word importer

- convert from other vendor specific ReqIF to standard ReqIF

Some important new features:

- more licensing options for secure work environments

- mass update of content

- drag-and-drop attachments

We have a new ReqEdit Supplier edition that can be used as a whitelabel product in the Supply-Chain package. Offer the software along with ReqIF files to suppliers where they only can fill in specific attribute values without modifying the structure of the specification document.

ReqEdit editions are even more versatile, check our comparison to see which one fits your needs.

This release comes with an installer. We no longer offer zip packages.


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