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ReqEdit Release 2.21

ReqEdit Version 2.21 - Expand your requirements editing experience!

We are pleased to announce the release of ReqEdit version 2.21. This version is packed with new features, improvements, and bug fixes to improve your experience. Let's see what's new:


  • Insert new line submenu: You can now access requirement patterns via the insert submenu. The templates are easily customizable, based on an editable text file located in the "data" folder.

  • Paste Options: Paste your content as text, plain HTML, or plain HTML with more cleanup options so that you have more control over the formatting of your data.

  • Optimized display: Use optimized font sizes for the main content, the navigator and the tables. This ensures a visually appealing and consistent representation in the different areas of ReqEdit.

  • Correct HTML display of chapter names: Chapter names with HTML content are now displayed correctly, while maintaining the intended formatting and structure.

  • Backup snapshots: Backup snapshots are now implemented and ensure that they are not deleted during backup rotation . Your valuable data remains intact and accessible.

  • Formatting shortcut keys: Formatting can now be easily performed with keyboard shortcuts. Use keyboard shortcuts like CTRL+B for bold, CTRL+I for italics and more for smooth editing.

  • Keyboard shortcut popup: Added a shortcut key popup window that provides a handy reference for all available shortcut keys.

  • 64bit optimizations for processing large files


  • Show date format: Adjust the date format in the user settings according to your needs. Now you can display the date in the format you like best.


  • Crashes and bugs: We fixed various crashes and bugs to ensure stable and reliable working with ReqEdit.

We are constantly striving to improve ReqEdit based on user feedback and provide an exceptional user experience. We thank you for your continued support and hope you enjoy the latest improvements in ReqEdit version 2.21.

Please note: if you encounter any problems or have suggestions for future improvements, please contact our support team.

Experience the future of requirements editing with ReqEdit version 2.21. Increase your productivity, streamline your workflows and open up new possibilities.


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